e-VeloSled Anna Family

e-VeloSled Anna Family

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e-VeloSled Anna Family is engineered to be smooth riding, low maintenance, roomy, and versatile. Kitted with a Neodrive rear hub motor system, that includes a battery with a capacity of up to 500 Wh for ranges up to 120 km, e-VeloSled Anna provides a solid transportation solution for life in the city. An optional dual battery system for longer reach and more power is available on request.
With cozy cockpit-style protection, two seatbelts, and an optional foldaway canopy she affords plenty of legroom for two kids or an adult (canopy stowed). Anna is fitted with an easy-up gooseneck which allows for instant adjustment of height, so she can be driven by anyone in the family.
e-VeloSled Anna Family comes in a variety of stylish frame- and cockpit color choices.
Let your inner creativity go wild!
Delivery times are 8-12 weeks. Test rides in Copenhagen can be booked by sending an email to: hello@cohandco.com. More test ride options will be available soon in Germany, Holland, and Sweden.
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N-Lock is a multipurpose bicycle stem and lock. It is higher and longer than the normal stem and changes your riding position to be more upright. What it also does, is function as a lock. With the turn of a key, it turns the handlebar up to 90 degrees “folding” the bike flat. When folded it also releases from the front fork, so that the bike becomes unsteerable, thus protecting your bicycle from theft. Combined with the in-built 1,5 m. wire it provides full theft protection. See more here

Choose between our two luggage carrier options. Our favourite touring and commuter rack out there is the Tubus Logo with its elegant and functional design.
The XLC luggage carrier is a good, solid all-round rear rack designed for commuting or touring and is a more economical choice than the infamous Tubus.
Both are mounted with a custom Coh&Co mounting kit and carry a max. load of 26 kilos. Made of aluminium. Colour: Black
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The revolutionary Oi bike bell. A bell with beautiful style and tone, designed to embody a rider’s personality. Comes in two variants and three different colours. See more here



One size fits all: Recommended for heights of between 1.60 – 1.95 cm

Full bike measurements: L 2,55 m W 65 cm / Front rack: L 1,2 m W 65 cm

Frame: Coh&Co 5500 gram carbon/basalt fiber frameset 


Safe and sturdy stainless steel front rack: Soft seating area including a soft backrest and sides to provide a cozy and comfortable feel.

Optional canopy in 4 different colors: Vanilla, Pink, Aquamarine, Light grey

Seat belts: For two children that converts into one longer one for an older child or adult


Adjustable handlebar: Stem Height Riser so that she can fit anyone in the family

N-lock: Optional multi-purpose stem lock which also extends the length of the bike. Read about the N-lock


Neodrive Electric rear hub motor Z20 / 25 km/h / 40 nM torque / 500W battery with capacity of up to 500 Wh for ranges up to 120 km

Optional dual battery system for longer reach and more power

Brakes: Mechanical dual-action disk brakes / Option of hydraulic disk brakes