Wood & Carbon Bike Models


Lightweight performance & urban adventures 

“GUS” is a lightweight wood and carbon composite frame offering a lively and vivid ride with steep angels that keeps you forward and on your toes. Fitted with drop bars and Gevenalle shift parts 10 speed you will be treated with the most genuine ride on the road.

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Laid back exploring 

“Aage” owes its geometry to the classic touring bikes of yore. A bit more laid back with a cockpit that keeps you comfortable in the saddle, whether fitted with flat bars and single speed belt drive for the city streets or equipped with drop bars and Gevenalle shift parts 10 speed.

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Configuration and sizing

Our two current models “Aage” and “Gustav” are available in 4 different sizes. Frame sizes are measured on the top tube in 500mm, 530mm 560mm and 590mm.

All frames can be configured into three basic hardware packages with drop bars to build a road style bike, albatross bars to build a classic city bike or a flat bar to build a modern courier style bicycle. All frames and kits are available with a range of gear options varying from single speed to ten speed. Belt drives are also available both with or without internal gearing at either the hub or the crank.

Prices from around EUR 2700/DKK 20000 depending on choice of gear. Please contact us for further information on purchase and delivery times. 

Read more about the design and technology behind the making of our wood and carbon composite bike frames.

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