Our Story

Made in Copenhagen

Recognizing cycling culture has challenged us to build a product and a company on a cultural foundation. We design and produce our bikes here in Copenhagen. This is where we live and this is where we want to see our bikes to come to life.

We encourage our customers to interact with us and enjoy contributing to the bicycle community with our products, through events and by keeping an open workshop environment where there is always time for a home brewed coffee or beer.

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Design, Technology & Craftsmanship

Our bicycles are inspired by the technology that we bring with us from the boat industry and strongly influenced by the functional geometry of the classic bicycle.

We firmly believe that by making something genuine and special a bicycle can become integral in a riders life, an essential part of their every day rhythm, whether it be at work or at play.

We want our bicycles to help build a sustainable and healthy lifestyle while brightening up the streets.

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The Team

At Coh&Co we don't just build bicycles, we ride them. Every single day. And we aim to make the best of it every single time. Life is too short to miss the opportunities that we are given, and riding a bike is one of the more joyful ones.

Coh&Co is founded by Mette Walsted Kristiansen and Paul Harder Cohen. Together we work on rediscovering and reinventing the urban bicycle, always aiming for a better ride. With strong backgrounds in the yachting world we bring a wealth of experience in design, technology and solid craftsmanship to every Coh&Co product. In the making of Coh&Co bicycles we use techniques that have built classic yachts and around the world race boats.