A genuine riding experience

Our wood and carbon composite bikes offer the smoothest, warmest and most genuine ride on the road. Wood produces an unusually light frame with fantastic stiffness and power transmission, making our bikes inspiringly light and lively with a natural feel about them, that you have to experience for yourself. Wood simply brings a whole new and genuine riding experience to the streets. 

The bio-mechanical quality of a wooden frame makes it more pleasant and less tiering to ride. In the same manner that your feet don’t get as tired standing around on a wooden floor, and that your ear can hear the difference between the sound of a steel guitar or a wooden guitar, you will notice the “warmth” of the ride on our wooden bikes. Put simply, our wooden bikes ride better than if we had made them out of steel, aluminium or carbon - they harmonize with the human machine. 

Technical details

Structure, Stiffness and Power

Our frames offer a super smooth ride. The cored box construction ensures an unusually stiff frame that is on par with the stiffest carbon fiber or metal frames. It is this stiffness which ensures that Coh&Co frames offer the snappiest ride available with fantastic power transmission.  

Danish grown ash is cut into veneer and then laminated and paired with regional carbonfiber reinforcements to create a super tough frame. In the forward portion of the classic diamond frame geometry, a robust box cored construction offers unparalleled stiffness which you cannot find elsewhere on the market. We use carbon fiber in key areas to toughen the frame and diffuse loads from the headset and the bottom bracket. In the rear portion of the frame the chain stays and seat stays are interleaved with carbon fiber; here the carbon provides the stiffness while the wood in the structure is adding strength and dampening the frequency of vibration. 


Construction, fittings and equipment

Our goal has been to design a frame that can be cared for, serviced and will last for generations. To achieve this, a lot of design energy has been put into ensuring that all mechanical joints and transitions meet the same functionality and durability as the frame.

All bolts and screws are received in our own titanium, stainless steel, brass and fiberglass fixtures integral to the frame. This is our way of preventing water ingress and making sure that nothing inside the frames’ structure can corrode as is so often seen with carbon and metal frames. Internal tubes to support the seatpost and the fork steerer are made out of fiberglass thus ensuring strength and toughness while avoiding the thermal expansion issues and corrosion issues often seen with aluminium inserts. 

Our "drop-outs" and seat stay fixtures are also of our own design. Here we have chosen an EN 7075 aluminium to keep parts as light and stiff as possible. EN 7075 is the aluminium alloy developed by the Japanese in 1936 for building the famous and formidable Zero fighter airplane. It is still the stiffest aluminium alloy readily available on the market today.

Our background in the yachting industry has taught us a lesson or two about corrosion issues and therefore all of the aluminium parts mentioned above are haricot anodized for optimal corrosion protection. Should this still not be enough, we have also designed them to be modular and replaceable if necessary.



On first impression a wooden frame may seem vulnerable but in reality it is quite robust. A good blow may dent or rupture a little area locally, but a bit of epoxy and our clear finishing system and you are good as new. Should your frame get a serious blow, wood lends itself unusually well to repair. A good craftsman will be able to repair almost any extent of damage with either a traditional scarf joint or a finger joint and we would be happy to either assist or provide instructions for such a repair. More common frame materials like steel or aluminium are for all practical purposes unrepairable if they get dented, ruptured or broken.

Another aspect of our background in the yachting industry comes to light in the water impervious nature of our frames. Like a modern cold-moulded, wood-epoxy boat, our frames are thoroughly bonded with marine epoxies and glazed with a protective epoxy coating that renders them impervious to water. If they get a scratch or a blow they will need to be sealed, some clear nail varnish will do in a pinch.

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